Technical Management

Our Company’s Technical Management policy is to maintain ships in accordance with the Classification Society, Flag State and Owners’ requirements, to the highest standards, guaranteeing their continuous safe and effective operation to the approval of our Owners and their Charterers.

Ships operate a combination of condition based and planned maintenance, subject to the Makers’ recommendations and running hours, in compliance with the Classification Society’s five year cycles. Planned maintenance programs are monitored through regular inspections by ship’s staff and shore-based Technical Managers using our comprehensive in-house developed computer system, which includes certificates, safety drills and the performance of all machinery.

We at Safan Marine Services understand the importance of  WELL MAINTAINED SHIPS, which are of PRIME IMPORTANCE AND REQUIREMENT of a ship owner, To achieve and maintain a more efficient, secure and profitable business by ensuring that their vessels are maintained and operated to the highest standards.
And therefore
Assisting Ship owners in achieving their DESIRED OBJECTIVE of HAVING a SAFE SHIP, maintained to HIGHEST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD is of prime importance to us.

Safan Marine Services also recognizes the value of a healthy fleet and the importance of :

  • Smooth
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable Operations and running of of the vessel

We always strive to achieve ALL ABOVE OBJECTIVES through our well Established Procedures and Systems based on ISM System. Fully supported by WELL QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED STAFF MEMBERS of Safan Marine Services

Fully supported by WELL QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED STAFF MEMBERS of Safan Marine Services.