Owner's Protective Agency (OPA)

Under the Agency Services if provided in charter party terms, owner appoints his Agent. Agent’s fees and other expenses are borne by owner. Services rendered under this majorly includes Obtaining Customs’ clearances, providing updates on vessel operations, endeavoring quick turn-round of vessel, handling owner’s funds and submitting an account of Port/Customs, etc. charges and minimising /saving owner’s expenses, co-ordination with charterers, etc.

(A) Clearance and delivery of spares / crew mail, etc.
(B) Crew Changes/ Ticketing / Hotel Bookings, etc.
(C) Removal/disposal of oil residues /waste / garbage, etc as per state regulations.
(D) Technical Services like – Repairs / underwater inspection /Marine equipment /Dry Docking, etc.
(E) Delivery of CTMs
(F) Supply of Bunkers, Luboil, Fresh Water, Provisions and Stores, etc.
(G) Vessel On / Off Hire Survey co-ordination / importation / Conversion- Reversion / Charter permission / Coastal Licence.
(H) Appointment of cargo surveyors.
(I) Attending to Customs / Taxation Summons / Cargo loss claims.
(J) Co-ordination/ facilitating attendance of Class Inspectors.