Chartering and Broking

As Shipping Consultants we act as independent advisors to ship owners and cargo charterers. We work with charterers/shippers to find suitable vessels for ocean transportation .
We assist in marketing the tonnages to prospective clients and negotiate the terms of the fixture, assisting till the fixture ends

We act as a vital link between the ship owners/Operators and the charterers/Cargo owners for ocean transportation.
We specialize in chartering/broking wide range of vessels for different types of cargo and trade routes.

Our Brokers work closely with Local Industrial clients & Indian importers/exporters assisting them with their cargo/ship requirements in collaboration with ship owners/operators worldwide

Safan Marine Services has served shipowners by offering its experience in commercial management, competitive chartering and sale and purchase.

As part of our commercial management activity we are contracted to perform the commercial management of vessels, trading worldwide. Our commercially managed fleet includes container vessels, bulk carriers, LPG carriers, chemical carriers and product tankers.

Our competitive chartering activities are focused on negotiating and concluding periodic charters for vessels of all types. One of the major factors behind our success in becoming the leading brokers in this area has been our absolute commitment to delivering high quality service. Our continuous analysis of market trends and close watch on emerging opportunities in a rapidly changing environment allow us to offer up-to-date advice to our Principals.

Activities in the sale and purchase market consist of broking services for the sale and purchase of second-hand vessels, as well as the placing of newbuilding contracts with shipyards.

Where our activities are engaged as chartering managers, we investigate and advise on the cheapest and quickest routes for all bulk cargoes, including transshipment where appropriate. If required, our function can include the following :

  • Oversee and co-ordinate shipping programmes.
  • To advise the current market freight rates prevailing between proposed loading and discharging port/s at the time when client is negotiating the purchases/sales of cargoes with various parties.
  • To discuss with client the terms of the commodity purchase/sale contract in order to ensure that same are compatible with customary charter party conditions which it will be necessary to agree in due course with shipowner, and to ensure as far as possible that the two contracts will agree on a “back to back” basis.
  • To go through the charter party with client before fixing a vessel so that he knows what his responsibilities will be to shipowner.
  • To enter the freight market on client’s behalf as charterers’ agent and negotiate the fixture of the most suitable vessel under instructions at best possible rate and conditions.
  • To draw up the charter party and present same for signature to both parties.
  • To look after the client’s interests and to behave as though we were in every respect a branch office. In carrying out the above we would expect to liaise between shipowner and supplier/shipper directly on client’s behalf, if required, as well as with receivers.
  • We can appoint port agents/surveyors and arrange inspections at both or either end as needed. All calculations of demur-rage/dispatch at both ends can be drawn up and agreed by us subject to client’s final approval.
  • We will also finalise freight accounts with owners after the voyage, subject to clients final approval.
  • We will keep all parties informed of vessels’ expected times of arrival at both ends and generally attend to all problems which might arise.